The Results

Donauction Results

The DonAuction Live Event was held as scheduled on August 20, at 17:30 (GMT+9, Seoul time) at the Hall of COEX. During the fundraising days, there were several important donations to the “Object 23: Donation Box”. In order to maximize the number of objects drawn, the organization of DonAuction decided to use the amounts donated to Object 23 to help the other items to reach their respectives thresholds. By this procedure, 18 out of the 22 objects were drawn (all except items 1, 11, 17, and 21). The total amount raised was 9895 USD. Our most grateful thanks to all of the donors.

The winners of the drawing were the following:

Object 2: Alhambra Strings Susan Goldstine
Object 3: Evolving Bowl Micheal Casey
Object 4: Aesthetic Fractals Ignazio Longhi
Object 5: Surfaces and Trumpet Eouri
Object 6: Quantum Cinema Anne Driscoll
Object 7:Mathematical Kite Thomas SChick
Object 8: Tetrahedral Set Jason Manning
Object 9: Ideaux Morceles Simone Gutt
Object 10: Unfolding Julia Ki Won Kim
Object 12: Duke-Model Heungyu Kim
Object 13: Barth-Sextic Cube Lashi Bandara
Object 14: Arachnid Gunter M. Ziegler
Object 15: Pythagoras Relaxed Seok Jin Ha
Object 16: Greatness of Pi Frederik Simons
Object 18: Boy Surface Jongwoo Lee
Object 19: The Lorenz Attractor Jonathon Mattingly
Object 20: Five Glass Surfaces Rachel Thomas
Object 22: Borry Aihua Li


If you are one of the winners, please contact Sunsook Noh ( to take home your item. If you are at ICM in Seoul, please contact us as soon as possible.

All participants can check the registry of each drawing at, following the links above on each item1. If any of the above winners is unreachable, rejects the prize, or refuses to pay shipping costs (if needed), we will proceed to assign the prize to the next in the reserve list.

1 Due to a problem with our system, some of the participants names and email addresses were trimmed the first and last character. If your email does not appear in the drawing registry, try to trim it. For example, if “” is not on its due drawing, try “est@school.ed”. The role of emails as unique identifiers is not affected.