The Objects

The DonAuction Live Event was held as scheduled on August 20, at 17:30 (GMT+9, Seoul time) at the Hall of COEX. The total amount raised was 9,895 USD. The winners and details of the drawing can be found here. Our most gracious thanks to the donors.

The objects website (containing all of the object and links to the Bridges exhibit pages) will stay up to provide more information about the items.

Below you find a list of the mathematical objects to which you can link your donation, for a chance to be awarded on of them in the drawing at the ICM DonAuction on August 20 (or have it shipped to you by mail if you are not present). These objects are mathematical by their very nature, linked to important mathematicians, or both. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they can be the materialization of mathematical formulas or original creations; either way they are objects that have a mathematician in their past world line, and often more than one.

Some of these objects have been part of the 2014 Bridges Exhibition, and the DonAuction team wishes to express its enormous appreciation to the mathematical artists and artistic mathematicians participating in Bridges who have donated their Bridges contribution to DonAuction. Others were, prior to their DonAuction incarnation, personal property of or crafted by a renowned mathematician. Several are posters or sculptures from the collections found at IMAGINARY. The posters are printed on high quality 210g canvas and measure at least 60×60 cm. For each object the listing below gives a very brief description and one picture, as well as a clickable link to more information about the object, with typically more pictures. (In the case of an object that was exposed at Bridges 2014, the link is to the corresponding Bridges Gallery page.)