Virgin Hair

I get numerous e-mails from customers wishing to know the distinction in between virgin hair and remy hair. Generally they email me as they are going shopping on a hair business’s site or websites (with eBay or Amazon) and they discovered an amazing offer on packages of hair from someplace and naturally everybody’s hair is “100% natural virgin remy” right? Nevertheless, not all hair offered online is the exact same. In this short article, I’m going to discuss exactly what virgin hair is and what remy hair is and provide you some tips on how not to obtain swindled by succumbing to an extremely low rate.

Virgin Hair

Let’s begin with virgin hair:

You need to likewise take note of the weight. A FULL package of hair need to be 100 grams (or 3.52 ounces if you are a non-metric system individual like me lol) and it takes 3 packages to do the typical head (longer lengths or a bigger head might need 4 packages). If a seller states that they will offer you 3 packages of hair for an extremely low cost please check out the small print and make certain you are getting 3 100 gram packages. Any less and you will wind up with half a weave when you’re being in your beauty therapist’s chair. I have actually sent out lots of a customer of mine from my store with half of a coiffure while they run and look for sufficient hair to finish their wanted appearance since they got scammed by a site that offered them 50 gram packages.

Now let’s speak about remy hair:.

I understand that through experience: Whenever I would see a female with a “half-do” (as I call it) in our regional hair supply shop going through the poor quality hair that is offered there (and in the majority of locations like that over) to finish their coiffure since they got scammed by an online hair seller, it advised me that I had to compose this post and get it out there for my readers. I do not desire that to take place to you.

Remy hair is hair that the extension maker has actually made the effort and cost to make sure all the roots and ends of the donor hairs that comprise the weft are entering the very same instructions. This permits the weft to stream and act like your very own natural hair does. Real remy hair will not tangle or snag when taken care of correctly.

How about length?:.

Virgin hair is simply that, virgin, it implies it has actually never ever been touched by processing in any method (color, bleach, curled, ironed … anything). If hair is virgin that indicates the individual who contributed (or offered) their hair to the extension maker never ever did any processing to their hair in any method and the business that collected the hair and made it into a weft didn’t process it in any method either. BTW – Washing does not count as processing, please clean your hair frequently.

Naturally, I advise Queen’s Crown for all your hair extension requires, however not even if I compose a blog site on their website. They are American owned and run, they are sincere, they bring items for all types (races) of hair, their items are extremely high quality and they return to a cause that impacts ladies all over the world, the battle versus breast cancer. A part of every sale is contributed to acknowledged and developed breast cancer charities. They likewise provide totally free shipping in the lower 48 U.S.A and complimentary coloring on all customer orders. Now for the very best part, my customers enjoy the hair and the high quality makes it simple for experts like me to deal with. Search for an image gallery quickly on the Queen’s Crown website including images of a few of my customers sporting exactly what I call the “Queen’s Crown Look”. I highly recommend you provide a shot. Your beauty consultant will thank you.

Bottom Line: When you purchase remy virgin hair on, check the item thoroughly and ensure all the roots and ends are set out as I have actually simply explained.

Let’s talk weight:.

Yes women, size does matter when it pertains to hair extensions. There are merchants that will “brief” the length of extensions that they offer. They will offer you a 16 inch extension which extension might in fact be just 15 inches and even much shorter. Once again watch and do not succumb to a low cost without doing your research.

Virgin Hair

To cover this up, there are lots of truthful hair sellers online that will constantly inform you the genuine offer on their items and there are some dubious ones that will state anything to attempt and get your loan. In my experience, you can inform a lot by taking a look at the rate. Be careful of extremely low rates that simply appear too excellent to be real. Check out the small print in all listings. Evaluation consumer feedback rankings and above all, establish a relationship with a hair merchant that you trust or get a strong suggestion. Shopping on rate alone and not focusing on the information can get you burned when you are purchasing hair extensions online.

Likewise beware when a hair seller informs you that their hair is “single drawn”. Single drawn remy hair wefts originate from a single donor and command the greatest grade and cost. Single drawn natural virgin remy hair (grades 6A and above) is extremely costly. You will not discover the genuine offer at a deal basement rate if the merchant is being truthful. I’m simply being truthful with you. If you are on a spending plan, (genuine) grade 5A will do you right. The only distinction remains in how the hair is drawn. 5A virgin remy will look like the greater grades and it will last approximately a year if you look after it. I had a customer a couple of years ago that desired her sew-in redone every 2 weeks with 6A hair no matter what. Hey, it was her loan.

Bottom Line: If the hair you are seeking to purchase has actually had ANY processing steps done to it, chemical or non-chemical, then it is not virgin. Do not think the buzz! (Sorry for the general public Opponent recommendation lol – however I enjoy P.E.).