How to Donauction?

How will this donauction work?

The main objective of the initiative is to raise funds for helping mathematicians in the developing world. During the Congress, we will accept your donations, via the website or at the NIMS Imaginary area. To thank you for your donations, we will hold a raffle at the end of the congress, where donors will have the chance of winning interesting objects linked to mathematics. By making a donation next to an object, you link it to that object. You can mark a donation next to several objects, so that you have a chance in the drawing for several objects. Each amount marked is a separate donation — if you mark amounts next to several objects, then you are donating the sum of all those amounts. Every 5 USD donated entitles you to one “ticket”, and each ticket can be linked to one object of your choice. Each object has a base reserve threshold. At the end of the congress, on August 20, a raffle will be held: for each object for which the corresponding donations exceed the threshold, we will draw a winner from the tickets linked to it.

Can I donate more than 5 USD?

Of course! Any amount is welcome. The more you donate, the more likely it is that the item you pick exceeds its reserve price, and the higher your own probability to win it. Or you could spread your tickets over several objects, if there are several for which you’d like to have a chance.

I will not be present at ICM, can I contribute anyway?

Of course! We accept online donations through PayPal. As we will incur transaction costs for each transfer, we ask that you make your donation in one single transaction, if possible. (Of course, if you have second thoughts later and want to add an extra donation, we will welcome it as well!). Please send us an email with the information from your transaction(s), telling us which object(s) you would like to link them to.

And of course, you can also help by spreading the word among your friends and acquaintances.

How and when will I get the object?

If you are present at the August 20 raffle event, you can pick it up yourself right there. If you are still at ICM and neither you nor your delegate (if you designated one in your email) can’t be at the raffle, we will send you an email, and you or your delegate can pick it up from the location we will indicate in the email, on August 21.If you will not attend the congress, or will leave it before its end, we will arrange for it to be shipped to the address you indicated in your email, but only if you explicitly agree to pay for shipping costs; we expect these to be (well) below USD 50 for all items. Please let us know beforehand if you will not be present; if the winner of the draw for an object has not given explicit instructions as to how he/she will retrieve the object (including agreement to pay for shipping if the object will need to be shipped), then we will go on to draw another winner for the object.

How long can I bid?

The bids can be placed in two ways: online via this website or in cash at the IMAGINARY booth at the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul (South Korea), during the ICM 2014 conference. The bidding form will be online until Aug 20th, 11:30 (Seoul time, UTC+9). The booth will be open for donations and bids during the conference time, until Aug 20th, 16:00 (Seoul time).

How does the drawing process work?

The drawing will take place during the Live DonAuction Event, starting on August 20th at 5:30 pm (Seoul time). For each object, we will generate  a list with the identifiers (emails) of the participants (counted with multiplicity according to the amount bid). This lists will be submitted to the third party service, which will host the actual drawing. This is a verified, and reputed web service that provides ‘true’ randomness (based on atmospheric noise) and conducts a fair drawing. Each drawing will be recorded and timestamped by, and will be available through an “entrant-accessible” mode. This means that the list of participants and winners is not publicly available on the web, but each participant can use their identifier (email) to check and verify whether they have
participated or won the drawing. The timestamp and url of the checking service for the DonAuction drawings will be published on this site. Each drawing will have a winner and four reserves. If the winner is unreachable via email after a reasonable period of time we will proceed to the next participant in the reserve list.

What about my privacy?

We will use your email as your unique identifier for the drawing, and it will used to contact you in case you win an object. Your name and email may appear on the screen during the live DonAuction event (the winner will be public), but your email will not be published on the web. All the involved websites (,, agreed
on not sending out any promotional material to the provided email address.

Can organizers of DonAuction take part in the “auction” part of DonAuction?

Organizers from IMU, FIMU, ICM, IMAGINARY, ICWM, and Ewha Womans University who have participated directly in the organization of the DonAuction initiative, or their close family members, are not allowed to participate in the “auction” part of DonAucation or link their donation to any of the donation objects. However, if they wish to donate to the Adopt-a-Graduate-Student program of the IMU, they can “contribute” to DonAuction item 23. A special thanks to all the organizers and volunteers that helped make this event possible.