The DonAuction Live Event was held as scheduled on August 20, at 17:30 (GMT+9, Seoul time) at the Hall of COEX. The total amount raised was $9895. The organizers would like to extends their most grateful thanks to all the donors.

If you are one of the winners, please contact Sunsook Noh (noh@ewha.ac.kr) to take home your item. If you are at ICM in Seoul, please contact as soon as possible.

All participants can check the registry of each drawing at random.org, links are to these pages are available under the Results tab above. If any of the above winners is unreachable, rejects the prize, or refuses to pay shipping costs (if needed), we will proceed to assign the prize to the next in the reserve list.

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Human talent and interest in mathematics are probably randomly distributed throughout the world, but the opportunity to realize that interest is not.

The IMU is beginning a program called “Adopt a Mathematics Graduate Student”, that will help young, talented students from developing countries to get access to an assistantship in another developing country.

The sums required to help these young talents are very small by developed-world standards, but very important for them. We need your help to make this project successful, so during the ICM 2014 we will organize a donation and auction event. The auctioned items will be a variety of objects with links to mathematics; in most case they are donated and signed by renowned mathematicians or mathematical artists themselves.

We appeal to established mathematicians interested in extending the reach of the professional accomplishment that they themselves enjoy. A relatively modest investment will extend that opportunity to a talented young person, equally passionate about mathematics, but without proper access to these resources.

If all the objects in the auction reach their fundraising goal, this would be sufficient for the support of four graduate students for one whole year. Because the funds will be used primarily to supplement the contributions of mathematicians who wish to Adopt a Graduate Student, but who might not be able to cover the full support themselves, the auction may in fact benefit many more talented young mathematicians in less developed countries than only four.

Note that the auction is a so-called “all-pay auction” — that is, every amount you enter is an amount you donate, and it doesn’t have to exceed the amount entered by a previous participant. The amount raised by a particular item is the total sum of all the amounts donated for that item. A more detailed explanation is available under the menu item “How to donauction?” By the way, you won’t find “donauction” or “donauct” in a dictionary. It is a neologism coined by the organizers (a combination “donation + all-pay auction/raffle + availability of item only after a certain threshold is reached”) that describes this initiative.

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Schedule (UTC+09:00):

Start of the DonAuction: August 9, 2014
End of online payments: August 20, 2014, 11:30 am
End of cash payments: August 20, 2014, 4:00 pm
Live Donauction Event: August 20, 5:30 pm